About Me

My name is Colin Sullivan and I am a photographer based in Providence, RI. I specialize in travel, lifestyle, and concert photography, and I am available for assignment or commissioned work in the New England area and beyond.

As a kid, I always gravitated towards photography because I quickly realized that fleeting moments could forever be preserved by the click of my shutter release. When I look back on the photos I've taken, I can remember the exact point in time and feeling as if no time had passed. With this feeling, I pursue my goal to capture those story-telling moments and evoke compelling emotions. I strive to achieve this in every shoot I do and provide an evocative result for each client.

My passion for photography really began when I discovered my grandfather’s old 35mm camera in my Dad’s closet. With a few lessons on light and the functionality of the camera from my Dad, I started shooting film for about a year. In the following years, I also dabbled in digital photography and primarily shoot that way today. In 2016 I earned a Professional Diploma in photography and have been lucky enough to travel across the U.S. and Europe photographing with friends and clients.

I am very grateful for the opportunities photography has given me and hope to share my passion for visual storytelling with you. If you are interested in working together or purchasing one of my prints, I would love to speak with you!


+1 (203) 525 9825